Your smile brings me through a thousand miles.

Oh hi 😀

Today is the last day of school, and I am kind of missing everyone already ): Aw nevermind, there’s class chalet on 8-10th! Looking forward to it (:

I’m sooo soooo surprised when i received my report slip. 8th in class, 40th in level. Okay lah, quite lousy, but I was rather awed by it. Deproved though, last year i’ve 6th in class, 36 in level )< So much for my excitment. I'm glad mom said I've done a good job!

I really loved today, while we played truth or dare, the way we bond, it’s like it won’t happen on normal days. But bonding on the last day of school? Funny much 😀 Anyways, time pass very fast huh? It’s like, on the first day of school, then in an blink of an eye, everything is over. So much happened this year, but our clique’s still strong as ever ❤

There’s 2 bbq tomorrow, cousin’s and ex-neighbour. I’m spending my day of halloween by the fire, cool ._. I’m kinda looking forward to ’em though, it’s been kinda long since we all gather together (:

so, Happy Halloween!