For hope is but the dream of those that wake.

Beaunice, Minjun, Gerlissa, Eugene and Nigel is flying off tomorrow to Europe *envious much!*
This means that our class is left with 1 exco and less of 5 people for a week, even though it’s the last week in school ): Anyways, I’m gonna miss you all, yeah Beaunice, yeah yeah? 😀 And oh, remember my souvenir, LOL. Have fun (:

The 16 combinations are giving me a headache, despite what teachers parents and seniors tell me, i’m still confuse, still doesn’t know what to go for.

I hate forcing people doing things they don’t want, after all we all have a will. Vice versa, nobody will be happy like this. So make up the mind, don’t leave me hanging half way confused.

Hehe, excited for tomorrow!
Bye (: