When someone enters your life, they leave a mark. But not all of them are willing to stay, some eventually leaves. After all, people come and go.


Mom walked me to the MRT this morning, with Pepper. It’s been a long time, how i missed it (: During the primary school days, me and bro used to think we’re grown up and the fact mom walked us to school is embarrassing, rather. Now, i think it’s great!

I’m confuse, lost and and.. ?
16 combination, i don’t know which to choose. I don’t know what i want ): All i can say is, my overall is totally just average 60+, sighs. My core subjects suck a hell lot. People say, pick the choice you like, but i honestly don’t know what I prefer O:

Beaunice and Minjun and Gerlissa is flying off in 3 days time, 4 closed friends in Singapore waiting for their return. I wanna go to Europe too ): Dad says i can’t send them off cause it’ll be too late. Next week will be the last week in school, and then a near 2 months of holidays (:

Beaunice, Cheryl, Claris, Gerlissa, Kimberly, Lina, Minjun; No matter where we go!
Okay, i’m off, bye.