And after the 123456789 years i’m not after…


Puny is so awesome… NOT! His way of encouraging suck, i tell you xD Shhh, don’t hammer me after you see this. You owe me a ice cream, mind you! Eh at least you should be honored your title is up here, no? no? Still, thanks a lot, okay!

Crap crap crap. Crap results. No point crying over spilt milk though. Mom didn’t scold me, dad too, they say at least i studied. I think at least i attempted to study O: Not fair lor, I studied with Minjun yet she won me in every subject, i think she stole my intelligence! Sheesh.

Then, i’ve got 61 for maths, at first i thought paper 2 was easier, in the end i got higher score for paper 1 then 2. 52 for science, WOW, yes i know. 58 for Chinese ._. And and finally 72 for lit. Ah, my hopes for having an A1 just shattered right infront of my own eyes.

Went to get my fringe cut with Beaunice after school. Entered this professional looking salon, but all i can say is, never judge a book by its cover. First, it’s damn bloody expensive, like 12 bucks just to get our fringe cut? That’s not Jean yip or twister fyi. Second, we shouldn’t went in right Beaunice right right?! Nevermind nevermind, we shall try Xiao Tian’s next time 😀

Okay byebye.