“I slept and dreamed that life was beauty. I awoke, and found that life was duty.”-Ellen Sturgis Hooper


Last Friday (16th October)

Beaunice just love taking pictures of me ._.

Went to Cherylann’s birthday party with almost all the class girls except Issabel, Kimberly and Beverly. Pratically, a nice way to spend a day after examinations 😀 Watched Shutter, pretty much afraid though it issn’t my first time watching, exciting esp when we all screamed, haha! Played some games next, it’s something like zhong ji mi ma, but using drinks. So, we had a great combination of oolong tea, miranda orange, sarsi and peach tea, cool. I drank and drank and my tummy got upset ): Didn’t felt well and skipped eating cake, so wasted!

Overall, had a great time with the girls, nice bonding session we had (: After this, i totally will try to make myself free and look forward to the next class outing. Beaunice, faster arrange one okay! Oh and, there’s pictures but still not uploaded. (Alot of Lina’s)

Saturday (17th October) 2nd.
Went to Johor as dad totally went crazy and made us go there during a holiday. I’m soooo not going back there anymore, the bus ride there was terrible, i can say. City square didn’t seem to be any nice now, i find it ultimate boring instead. It was a horribly fruitless trip as i didn’t bought any clothes /: However, nice and cheap food there, but still made up my mind i’m not going back in the future! Leg was friggin’ tired in the end, like stand the whole day ):

Today was pretty much fine, stayed at home much. I watched ‘Myself; Yourself’, it’s a nice anime 😀 Mom baked cookies, tasty! Finally, the oven was touched after like 3 months of purchase xD Mom also bought vampire teeth for halloween! It’s freaking awesome like Pepper’s teeth ! Uh, okay, joking. But it’s still nice lah, gonna have fun with it for halloween and and ruxuan’s birthday which is month end.

Uhoh, Beaunice and Minjun is heading to croatia in a week or so D: Oh mom, i wanna send them off, can i can i ? Pretty please?!

Then, i’m going off now, bye 😀