We have no say over the hand dealt us in life, but we do have a lot of control over how this hand is played. We are responsible for bringing out the meaning of our own lives in each moment that we live. Remember each moment happens only once and can never be retrieved again. -Roberta Andersen

Hi world.

11th October; Happy Birthday Pinhan!
Have fun in croatia and, all the best on your EOYs 😀

13th October; Happy Birthday, Dad !
I think i’m so filial, i bought dad a cake, whahahaha.

Okay so, I think this EOY sucked. Finally they are gonna end this Thursday. Cannot get my mind off notes and books etc, sighs. Maths was like, ARGH, wtfishfriendfrog! Careless and blanks can really kill me off, i don’t know what to do ): Brain cells were pretty dead today, and i’m so dead for this paper myself, gosh. Luckily today’s only maths paper 1, i’m gonna do better for paper 2 . Literature and maths p2 left, jiayou!