Someone you know is your best friend, is ready to give everything without asking for anything in return. Someone you know has today said a word of gold for you, and without needing to, stepped forward to your defense. Someone you know always wants the best for you, wants to walk by your side, in better and worse, caring for your soul. – Bo Setterlind

Hi, i’m back, for like a day!

So, this week is a rather stressful week much. I mugged really really hard for science πŸ˜€ Okay, i am never so hardworking in my life before, believe or not, whatever. Those ‘freaking hard’ questions didn’t came out today for science, instead those minor ones what i didn’t really bother about came out!!! So pissed, like 3/4 of my mind is still on science.

Yay, got chocolate after that. Hershey’s milk bar! πŸ˜€ Wanted to buy waffles though, but Beaunice said Chocolate keeps you healthy for a day and relieve stress, so we shared chocolate and we went to playground which was pretty fun. Beaunice got blister after using the flying fox, hahaha!

Anyways, English paper 2 was crap, uber hard i can say. Plus the fact that i had fever that day, was not really into the paper. Shucks. Chinese was not easy nor wasn’t really hard, really, i was surprised that I could read the passage and all (but cannot answer the question, lol O:).

What’s over is over, no point crying spilt milk eh? Yupyup (:
4 more paper before EOYs are over, which is next week! And when school holidays starts, o level starts, hoho. Work hard for the next 4 paper, you can do it lah Cheryl!

Random pictures are up.

Lol, i like those 2 abv πŸ˜€

Aw, Pepper! Bells still as active as ever, cannot even snap a shot of her face )<

Till then .