Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical. -Sophia Loren

Hi, hello, hullo, hallo.

Firstly, today’s bro birthday. Bro’s birthday is also my unlucky day much ):
I was caught up with a slight fever and cough and flu in the morning, but still gobbled down a panadol and headed to school. Today was English paper, it was really really hard. ): It got me really exhausted too.

If you ask me how well I have prepared myself for examinations, i would say, not well at all. I’ve so much more to memorize. Though, I promise myself I’m not gonna fail even a paper. Or rather, i hope to get 60 over for every paper. Gonna mug with Minjun again tomorrow. Getting sick during exam is really really really horrible! Anyways, thanks for caring, love you guys [:

Tomorrow is Mid-autumn!
If only Singapore has 4 season, it’ll be awesome~ Won’t be burning down lanterns this year though, think I’ll be mugging at home instead, blah. Mom say I should not celebrate Mid-autumn festival though, I don’t fancy mooncakes or chinese tea. I prefer dilmah tea or something, lol o.o Hey, but burning down lanterns can be really fun! I got scolded for doing that every year xD

Oh anyways, Gerlissa can laugh until she forgets to breathe, lol! I would so not not forget to breathe as I don’t want to suffocate myself and die laughing. Imagine, it’ll be such a scary scene O:

I’m tired now, yawwns. Grandma injured her legs again, gonna visit her later. But for now, what should I do? Study? or get some rest?

@ 11pm.
All of a sudden, i want everything i used to have back. I’ve realise I’ve gain so much yet lost so much. It’s like the past was happy yet sad, sweet yet bad. So contradicting.

It’s a sudden thought, nothing much [: