Hi, i’ve a mood for blogging 😀

Beaunice took this @ MRT. Beaunice is L. L for Lame!

So earlier today, like uhm 12 am, i was telling the evil cat that i was eating 2 hot dogs. 2 hot dogs as in toasted Pepper and Bells. The cat is very very saddistic okay. Then i told the cat that I’m thirsty but i’ve disposed their blood already.

And now, i realised Bells is still jumping infront of me, *AHHHHHH*!
Lol kidding, Pepper and Bells were still alive and kicking okay okay okay 😀

Claris and cat are rather jealous that I’m a homosapien that they decided i was in the subset, therefore calling me only homo. You know why they do that? Cause I’m a human while Claris is a pig and yuan is a cat O: Minjun says some of us doesn’t belong just to the subset of homo, the some is gotta be me! 😀

Next week is gonna be very hectic, i guess. Monday, which is tomorrow, gonna have my colours changed to grey and pink, coool! Tuesday to Friday will be tution everyday. Ah, yearly routine before the exams start.

One for the weekend.
this is soooooooooo cute. And, i just realised i’ve not finished my homework and we’re gonna go lunch soon, gotta go!