The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.- Albert Einstein

Oh hi [:

When we talk about life, everybody realizes that 90% of our memories are deep regrets and sadness, while only 10% of it are happy thoughts. That cus’, happy moments are rare, and it is also a reason why we all should treasure it.

So me and Minjun went on a study trip.
Awesomeeee, we studied from 11-4, which is like 5 hours! Lol, we went to cartel at 11 and ordered breakfast and mocha frappe and it lasted us till 2pm, cool?! Cartel was so empty, so we were not chased out xD Went Library after which, some other people came and made so much noise lor. Lost my studious mood.

But ohwell, we had a rather successful trip, didn’t we? 😀 I have a clearer understanding on my stats and physics, and me and mj chatted much. Gonna start on my Lit and history next week 😀 Can’t wait to study again. That’s why i say, i only can study outside.

AND AND, I found out something. I found out that HIHS examination papers are all above average kind. Darn, our standard is almost same as Catholic high’s. Can you imagine? ._.

I love vintage and polariod pictures alot 😀 Oh oh, i forgot to mention that i double love snowglobes !!

Thats for now, bye.