Pissed off.

Not like it’s against the law to talk back right ?! What, restricting people for 3 weeks of freedom is a very good thing ? Not like, study and study for 24 hours can give good results. I’m a human, i need a break too. Come on lah, nothing better to say that time then say “don’t talk to me like that hor!” But, I BEG to differ, FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I talk back to what i think i’m right, so what the hell is that even wrong?!

Parents, tsk. Always for our own good. Like, that’s what they think.

My dad always think i don’t study, and from the start of my life, the results i got is just by luck. Come on, i got study, i got mug, ima good girl. I do my homework. When you don’t see it with your eyes, it doesn’t mean i don’t do anything. Just because you didn’t study that hard back then, it doesn’t mean you can push the stress to me. It’s for my future, but i’m not you.

Maybe i have been luckier then many other kids in their childhood. But, why am I just not happy or satisfied ? It all sums up. Everybody wants a better life, who doesn’t? But life don’t go the way people normally wants, life is like a refraction that doesn’t go straight. That’s why life is tough.

Okay, maybe i’m not studying hard enough):
Ima gonna mug like tml starts. 3 weeks to the EOY. Then, i’m gonna prove you wrong.

“Somewhere out there, there’s someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worth while, so when you are lonely remember it’s true; somebody somewhere is thinking of you” – unknown.

So school starts tomorrow, sighs.