Today’s horoscope is sooo untrue. Blah.
Anyways, today is Saturday already, which means 1 more day to school reopen. Happy? NO! We haven’t done literature today, i so think we’re gonna fail. Blah.

So, i did shop today. I shopped for home econs practical @ NTUC. I would prefer and would be much happier if it was Cold Storage (the fresh food people!) but mom says spend as little as possible on that crap ._. Mrs/mdm/ms Haymini say she’s gonna reply to our work we send her, in the end i waited for 3 days, and still noo reply! Pissed off. And also, i realised i’m gonna screw my practical up, LOL. Chicken burger and salad? Ohmygosh.

And, i changed myy friendster background. Wow, issn’t it surprising that I even bother about friendster? Aw, i haven’t change my bg since last or last last year! So i know, this picture ain’t nice cause it’s rather uneven and such ):

So, here’s tomorrow horoscope.


Today’s power struggle is a humdinger of a fight. Good thing you’re not involved.


You may accidentally let slip a bit of your true feelings today — but it’s for the best! Even if you feel weird about it, you should know that you’re setting something really great in motion.

Still longing for a few hours of time alone with your sweetheart, without the intrusion of a phone or computer? Well, then, take it. Turn off anything that beeps, rings or buzzes, and have an honest-to-goodness conversation. Give yourselves the gift of uninterrupted privacy tonight.

Uhm, kinda crappy to me again.
Whatever, i’m signing off!