Horoscope is cool stuff!

So today, my horoscope was crap and i don’t know what it means. oh well /: Today is just another pure rotting-at-home day. Done almost all my homework except Literature proj(which we are gonna do tomorrow i think?), studying for literature test on monday and maths homework.

Shucks, what else did i do today?

Uhm, ohoh! I ate Strawberry roll 😀 It is a new love~ I love the one from Sunmoulin bakery at orchard and rocky master’s! Esther prefers sugar roll though, she is weird much(?) /:

Tomorrow’s the last weekend before school starts again, sighs. This whole week is crap, i doubt i even enjoyed my holiday. So let me sum up my holiday like i always do. Homework, went out once or twice, and rot at home. Wow, some really great holiday i had ): Well neverminds, at least i’ve watched movie ^^ Well, i guess this struggle is worth it, we shall see after EOY.

Here’s tomorrow’s horoscope.
After 12am, it’s a new day already right? Will it be accurate?


Silliness is in order for the day. Go ahead, play tag at the office. Who’s ‘It’?


You are almost certain to hear some good news today — and you’ve waited long enough for it! Make sure to express the right amount of gratitude when it starts to flow your way and all will be well.

Your responsibilities to your friends and family will take precedence over any type of romantic tryst, so getting together with your main squeeze may seem easier said than done. The good news is that, for the first time in a long time, all of these loved ones will not just be willing to get along — it will actually come easily to them. This is one of those rare times when doing the impossible turns out to be a breeze. Enjoy it.