Oh hey! I’m using google chrome to blog 😀

I think google chrome is darn cool, maybe i should make it my main browser? hmm. Maybe if one day, i’m bored of chrome, i’ll try avant. Browsers are just so awesomely cool.

So today, had chinese tuition at 9am.
Of all the time, so early in the morningz. Dragged myself outta’ bed ): oh but, had 8 hours of a goodnight sleep 😀 Aftermath, went to plaza singapura for ‘aliens in the attic’. Wow, i finally watched a movie after 12345678910111213 years. My last movie was, uhm, ice age 3? Kinda pathetic. Anwyay, Aliens in the attic is rather funny and nice 😀 Laughed throughout.
So many awesome movies are coming out! (of all the time of the year, it’s during our period of EOY ._.) Like Coraline, Fame, shorts etc. Oh but but, i wanna watch time traveller’s wife! ):
After which, met up with Gin! I can’t stand my sudden craving of mccafe so we went to McDonald’s. Chatted and caught up with each other about lots and lots of stuff. However, today’s double chocolate frappe wasn’t nice at all. I think the girl issn’t even experience )<
School holiday’s coming to an end soon. Ohmegosh. I haven’t even started revising nor finish my homework! I guess we’re gonna do Literature proj tml. I mean, not i guess, it’s a must. Darn, CA marks leh, if not i wouldn’t bother at all ._.
Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open. ~John Barrymore
Real elation is when you feel you could touch a star without standing on tiptoe. ~Doug Larson