Hi humans.

My title was totally random, got it from some vids from youtube. Okay, it’s a mix of racism and stupidity. And, taadaaa O.O!

I wonder what’s gotten to me that I bothered to pack my house when i got up, like ard 10.30? Ah, a sense of accomplishment. Oh well, i didn’t expect today to be another typical rotting day for me, and was excited much yesterday, cause Lina and Beaunice were coming over. Excitement drowned down today, boring O:

Oh yah, i wondered why i could not sleep last night. I mean, after hanging up the phone, and then still can’t fall to lalaland , that was like 3+? ._. So i texted yuan, but i feel so stupid later on, texting a pig at night ._.

In the end…

I flipped

and flepped (uh lmao, what word is this?)

and watched the stars

and counted how many sheeps jumped over me

and counted how many falling potatoes there were

and hoped some food would appear out of nowhere

and disturbed Pepper (lol, she was irritated by me then she walked off to another point and continued to sleep.)

and finally I managed to catch some sleep. I was awoken later on by i-don’t-know what, but it was sunrise then. Beautiful [: Darn, i’m being so randomized /: Also, I wonder why, in chinese, people like to link dog and pig together. Like, 猪狗不如 and 猪朋狗友, are dogs and pigs destined to be great friends? O:

Anyways, I did pretty much the important point for home econs already and science too (: Photoshopped a little, it turned out like crap anyways, don’t know it i should post it. Tomorrow’s back to school day. Ah, i don’t wanna head back to school during a holiday ): I
rather go to a library or something.

Here is some pictures of Pepper.
Now, don’t say i’m biased. Bells just cannot keep still even for a second.

I’ve got a vampire dog!

I don’t know, but Pepper’s tongue was out while she was sleeping O:

She look like a fat cat, LOL. Adorable 😀

Last up before i go,
i self-proclaimed that i am an ANGEL! I am angelic. I have a halo and a magic wand 😀

Okay, bye.