Hi humans.

Okay first up,
Happy Birthday, MINJUN! 😀
Throughout this two years, there’s so much disagreement between us and all, but in the end we’re still great friends! Especially, this year, we’re sitting beside each other and you’ve been keeping me on the right track. So, good luck for your EOY!

Can’t stand my dad.
Everytime he’s in a bad mood, he always rant it on us like saying we never study and all. He say what, holiday is a time to study not to relax, then can like anyone tell me why should we even have holiday for ?! Sometimes, parents always think their right. /:

Shucks, i’ve yet to start my home econs. Actually, i didn’t have any mood to do it today. So, gotta rush tonight and tomorrow. Sighs, i think i really need to find more time to study already. Oh, maybe i should study till i go mad, LOL. kthxbye.

“How can happiness feel so wrong, yet misery feels so sweet?”The Closest Thing To Crazy
Weird song, but nice lyrics 😀

PEPE, byebye!