hang on, i’m gonna post?
Oops, i’m treating blogging as my cure of boredom,

Yayness, i changed my brackets colour. Cool? Of course, i mean, totally. 2 shades of blue, not contrasty though. I wonder what colour should i get next, grey and pink? After math, I had lunch @ Sakura, couzzie turned one. I don’t really like the food there so I didn’t had much. Mom felt sick, so we got home early.

So I’d say, today is my slackish day before the real struggle starts. Oh no, i’ve got to hand in my Home Econs on Wednesday! Argh, i hate theory ):

I’m hoping it’s gonna rain, cause the sky’s dark. Okay fine, it’s 7.11pm now and it’s gonna turn night soon, of course it’s dark. And i laughed cause Pepper tripped while Bells chased her; ah carefree life.

My blog songs are addictive, guess so.
Just so you know, this feeling’s taking control of me..
And how many times i gave you me, divded by so many memories..
But everything means nothing..
FYI: If you wonder why you don’t hear anything, that is because your speaker is spoilt, send it for repair, now! Actually, all i can say that if you really does that, i am gonna laugh cause my songs only works in IE even though i am using MFF. [:

“In life everyone will have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream and an unforgettable love.” -unknown.

Beaunice, how are you now? ):

If you ever wonder or am smart enough or nothing better to do enough, before reading this part, that i posted at 9+ when one part of my post actually mentioned it was ard 7, it’s because i can turn back time. I am cool 😀 LOL, noo way, i wish i could, but cause i saved it and went out for dinner, so here i am finishing this up.

And now, Cheryl, it’s your turn again..
Till then.