Hi humans.

I’ve got awesome friends that are afew in a million. Friends come and go, but true BFFs stays 😀 Thanks so much Qisi, for like everything. And Beaunice, sometimes you gotta’ break down and breathe [: Stand strong, i’ll be here always! ❤

I won’t be the way i am before, i’d be so much better then anyone knew.

Last day of school tomorrow.
So much homework to be done, in 1 week of holidays. Holidays? It’s pure rubbish. We can’t even have a break. Oh well, exams are coming in 3-5 weeks anyways. So, there’s so much homework today, and 3 tests due tomorrow. Crap, crap, crap.

Here are pictures i forgot to upload yesterday.
Practially, Me and Audrey ah jie <3.