S’up up.

Do we need hypocrites in our life? I don’t think so. Correct me if i’m wrong though. I feel i can’t believe people so easily now.


“I’ll spread my wings and i’ll learn how to fly, i never had a dream come true
till the day that i found you, Just so you know
this feeling’s taking co
ntrol of me .. “

The remix me and Lina zihighed with during music lessons, HAHA. Beaunice and Claris were like ‘ ._. ‘ 😀 Cool!

Now, some spazzie pictures. (continuation from my last post).
Warning: all the retarded pictures are effects from Lina’s mac webcam.

Lina slap me, and so am i laughing or crying? LOL.

I went Paris you know!?

Nice effect? 😀

Lina slap herself and got stroke O:

I slap Lina!

Aw, so sweet 😀

Me: “Lets pose a sian diao look!”


Scary O:

I frown, Lina give spastic smile.

Waoh, we has small head.

And the last photo, was at mac.

I laughed really hard at these photos. And oh yah, last week before holidays but so many stuff to complete.