hi humans.

Cool! Dad bought a oven that we saw ytd! Now i can freaking mess up the kitchen with my awesome baking skills xD

So i freaking rushed out of my house to meet Lina. We went to orchard, subway! This loser with a flower print on her ass laughed at me lor O: She jealous only mah, HAHA. Anyways we did a lil’ on history proj, camwhored and played around. Felt restless so we shopped around for awhile too.

Met Claris, Willy and Xiuyuan.
Had a great time roaming around, hitting and tickling each other. Me and Lina zihigh sing breakaway’s chorus cause we heard it like almost 10 times at subway, so funny. Ate at mac’s, they scam me sia! Willy act rich but not rich at Ion, and i find Ion so bored now lor, it feels like i have been there countless of times.

& thanks, xiao orange, LOL. I’ve told you the stretch of road to my house is really really creepy O:

Okay, picturessss.

Na and me.

Ah, so adorable. Pepp needs braces too (:

Haha, this is darn spazzie, it was our finishing post at the webcam video thingy.

Oh man, i love this photo.

Spastic to the max.

There are more nice photos, wait till Lina uploads them. One more week to holidays but so much more to be done. Today was rather great cause i am pratically in a hyper mood [: