When the curtains open, my mind is filled with nothing but the blasting music. I enjoyed every moment on the stage that turned into our dance floor, whether were we great or not. This day we practised so hard for (:

Though we were pretty nervous and scared at first. Butterflies in our stomach. But everything soon got better. It was awesome.

“When i say jump, you say how high!”

Went off after that, and met Gin. We went back to YZPS, i missed the food and all. Was surprise that Jade, Yi-nyn, Finn and Everett recognise me, lol. Long time never see ’em! Miss Neo said we changed alot O: I am awed by the number of sec1s from hihs that was once from yzps, i remembered only like 3 people in my batch got into HI ._.

I was really sleepy, then we went to my house. I was half asleep on the sofa, LOL. Gin kept on waking me up, yawnxz. She slept till so late today, not fair! ):

I missed you alot, Gin!

This was yesterday’s.

Haha, molester kingsxzzzz.

Beaunice was stunning. Okay don’t say anything, Beaunice!

Ahjie (: