If you lie once, you’ll lie twice. who haven’t heard of this before? I mean, parents and teachers always say this repeatedly throughout years. I guess it make sense.

Lying once and you think nothing happened. And so when the people around you finds out, they forgive. I mean, who never makes any mistakes in life ? Then you take the opportunity to lie again. and again. and again. will people still believe?

Lies are just a bunch of excuses, perhaps or occasionally for attention seekers. Lies do improve the situation at times, but with big consequences. Lies hurt or they bring smiles. White lies, black lies, whatever they are still lies.

If you lie once, you have to continue lying again and again to cover what you’ve lied. I ever wonder, is lying tiring at all ?

People around us always lie, even on little things. All these years, this are my thoughts, be it when i lied, my brother lied, or anyone around me lied. Then again, i am bad in expressing myself, i just love to keep things to me.

Thanks brother for being such a great inspiration to my post. He lied to my mom about his phone being crazy when he locked his simcard with PUK code. rofl. My mom went super pissed with him.