“It’s either your real side, or not.”

This week was really a very, very tiring and boring week. And finally weekends are here again. Weekends without rest. Since when my life became so hectic? Well i don’t know.

it sums it all up what i did the whole week. no lifer. Msn’s so dead now, i wonder where everybody went to.

I wonder what happened, actually.

My CA2 results were fine, i guess? I mean, almost all of em’ are 70 and above, except literature, i guess? I got bluddy 56 for literature, lmao. I can’t believe it. Aww, how i wish all these are my EOY scores though. CAs are just tests add tgt, having 70 and above is really not a very big deal. Oh yeah, i also felt so stupid today, cause i spelt grateful as greatful. omg.

Monday’s our big day. Give it all! Then again, i hope this weekends are enough to get my aching legs better soon.

Is it gonna rain tonight? It’s been ages since it rained at night.
Here, i’m stopping, goodnight.