It rained today in the morning and afternoon. I love the rain, cold though. I wish it rained from last night till today. Afternoon was hot again.

Gone were those days.


My leg’s aching now, horribly. I’m tired now. I wish there issn’t PE tomorrow.
I totally cannot believed i fell asleep while studying yesterday night. I DOESN’T fall asleep like this before, haha. Today Science CT was just pure crap, i wish i pray i hope i score well, like at least 35/50. I’ve got great marks for my Bio CA2 and i don’t wanna spoil my purrrfect score sheet.

Ima off to do homework now. It’s such a relieve that projects are almost, almost not totally, come in the end. There’s still so many test, ayes.

1 day early Happy Anni. Lina ❤ double lol-ness.
2 more days .

byebye 😀