Hi humans.

Today, the filming for History project was darn fun!
We had a great time ‘acting’, controlling our laughter. Then when the director shouted cut, we laughed like nobody’s business!

Headed to Bugis, again, shortly after. We had a super long but amuzing bus ride, didn’t we? Tired, and tried to sleep, but we end up laughing throughout. 11 thai bahts or 10 and 1 thai bahts? lol! (insider’s joke).

Shopped and shopped, Beaunice is darn evil, she tempted me to buy so many stuff. Argh! How i wish i had the money now ._. It reminds me of how i used to spurge on maple prepaid cards.. I was so dumb back then, if i were to save it all up, my cupboard would be full by now! But anwys, we had a frigging sweet and short shopping trip 😀

Picturessss. (I wonder what happened to my connecting thingy, think bro made it spoil ._. it was okay afew days ago! Now had to used mom’s.)

Nature theme as Beaunice claimed. Apparently, not?

Take 1, i look like a retard. But i sure love Beaunice’s small eyes! Omg, don’t kill me for this ): I know you won’t ^^

Take 2, ahhh, much better! 😀

Oh btw, if you’re wondering why i’m wearing a cap, it’s cause i’m a Japanese soldier in the scenes of the project filming! COOL ?!

Okay, cut the crap.

3 cheers, dad totally finally got me my converse shoe after 123456789 years! I grumbled on how not having a shoe, and it actually works. oops :X But but, dad’s so evil too! He was complaining how small my eyes is without specs, when i don’t wear it out with my family since ages ago ._. He actually blame me for having small eyes when its his genes ):

Imma going Library myself tomorrow, hopefully to get the English homework done if not i’ll be so screwed up on monday. And also, i’ll bring my science along and hopefully i’ll study ._. I study best outside, not home.

Okay, byebye 😀