Hi people.

I’m so very tired, i’m getting back to my old ways where i am like a friggin owl that can’t fall asleep till its mid-night or past. Really, it’s so tiring to do that, i just can’t wake up in the morning. Adding to the fact that i already tried to sleep early before… but nope -.- Retreating to bed, to me, is just another word for staring into space awake.

School’s … idk?
History project is so rush, Mdm Ho thinks we have all the time in the world. Tests and tests, and we’ve not much time to study. Really, the homework blog never fails to freak me out everyday.

Nothing just really work out nowadays, think i’m going bonkers soon.

Some situation, we’ve already expected it before anything happens. This typical situation, we don’t admit what’s gonna happen. But look now? Nah, i’m so not gonna bother again. But backstabs really hurt, ouch.

3 more days to Esther’s bday. (Am i great or what? :D)

1 week of september holidays are coming, in 2 weeks time! I am soooo gonna break break. But still, i’m so confirm that there’s gonna be alot of homework. So yah, no difference actually.

This weekends, no time for rest, study hard, work hard. Crap.