Hi homo.. sapiens .

Had CIP @ mt. faber park. 4km at the super long bridge ~.~ Okay, i was in my sleepy mood, zzz. Adele darn cute, she say we’re tall on the bridge, taller then the trees, HAHA. (it meant alot to us, omg lmao.)

Ah, i’ve not done my hw, lol!
Studied for my sci test already. Yuan says we must not study from 10pm-2am or we cannot rmb what we study. So now, i’m off to do my homework. I’m a good girl right? Right! So totally agreexzx 😀

Pictures. (coped from mj’s blog :X)

Ah clique. I look stupid omg.
Another shot, better 😀

Class girls. I look darn natural here cause was talking to Cassandra.

I’m offf, bye!