Hi humans.

Hhaha, i’m munching on chocolate mom’s friend bought from Perth, for me now šŸ˜€ That explains the title?

I laughed way too much today.
Well, after school, we wanted to lunch at pasta mania. But Beaunice, being a typical Singaporean, wanted to wait till 2 for the 30%, LOL. So we were dead famished, and decided to have our meal at cartel.

me: Omg i’m gonna die of hunger, we go cartel okay?
Beaunice: okay.

So we went up to the 2nd level only to see that white boards surrrounding the used-to-be Cafe Cartel. I totally went ‘OHMYGOD, WHERE IS CARTELLLL ?!’ Really, we didn’t know cartel closed down or something!!

me then went: Fine, lets wait till 2pm for pasta mania.
Beaunice: Oh no, don’t ever say the name, in case it closes down too !

Esther is a pro, cheryl is a proer pro šŸ˜€
7 more days ā¤

Okay .
I drew this crap in school, apparently, doodling to stay awake.

I look like an asshole here, ohmygod.

Mom always says “Stand strong no matter how hard you fall.”