Hi yo!

Finally , in like a month, a day without homework! πŸ˜€
Actually have lah, those projects and such. But but! Like no homework due soon. I feel sooooooooooooo relax today πŸ˜€

Did art till very late yesterday, coloured half way and felt ultra fatigue . I went BAM on my dearest bed. It’s like, WOAAAAAH~ I felt so contented and soon drifted to dreamland πŸ˜€
Anyways, art sucks. The wool suck! Ohmy, you should have seen the black. It’s totally like Pepper’s hair. Actually it feels more like Bells’ fur but then again, bells’ white, lol!! Haha what am i talking, haha? haha. Okay shuddup O:

It’s coming to weekends again! I am gonna be soooo hetic for this whole month. Alot alot alot alot of stuff too be done.

I feel so hardworking these day, i got to be. I have been doing homework, i have maths and science tuition, now chinese in addition. Out of 7 days, i’m only free on Monday and Saturday. Woah. But ayes, i wanna do well this year! πŸ˜€

Lol, an overdue picture taken on national day’s celebration.Our vice-principal looks whiteeee O: And and, i still remember Lina was telling the boy infront of us like: “Eh boy boy, we want to take photo, can don’t move?”

Till then .