Lol, i regret not cropping the picture properly, i liked the outcome alot):

I’ve only done my science today. Whutthefailuremax):

It’s been so long since i’m out to shop. My last shopping trip was like 2 weeks ago? Or 3? Maybe it explains why i’m really out of clothes or rather bored of ’em lately. Sigh, but also no money to shop what! Presentswxzdxz 😀

Singapore stuff are really expensive now.

Speaking of which, it’s 12.28 and so..

Happy 44th Birthday, SINGAPORE!
And so, our nation standing tall and bright for the 44th year~ There’s so much more every year, so much more to overcome. But what can’t be overcome with the faithful red and white with a cresent and 5 stars? Happy Birthday, Singapore 😀