Hi humans.
Ruggy’s so cute. My full time companion at school 😀
20 more days to Esther’s bday, or is it 19?
3 more days to my bf, Louise Yeo‘s birthday Lol.

Today had Mission. It’s like.. same storied as last year. Boring activities. IT’S FUN… NOT! Okay lah, at least better then staying in classroom. At least there’s aircon, at least I had a nice sleeping time there, yawwwwwwwwwwwn!

Went to Compass with MJ & Claris to get some stuff. Long time since we lunched together :D! Anws, Claris got a new water tumbler from Starbucks, very pretty! And and, got free coffee too (:

Hmm, what else leh? Nothing bah.