Hi people,

Loved PE today. We played soft ball, again! It’s gonna be our last time playing though ): I love the challenge of batting! 😀 But, we didn’t had a complete game, people didn’t cooperate. Anyways, its still fun hitting the ball!

If only English can be so funny everyday, i wouldn’t sleep during english. I laughed until i (almost) teared, its been so long! All thanks to Yuxuan, rofl.

So during english today was kind of special, we had queue number for going to the toilet! I was number 8, before that i went up to Mrs Ang to ask to go to the toilet, then she replied ‘Number 8’ I don’t know why i felt it was so funny and actually burst out laughing when i returned to my seat!

Next was, Wendy Ang was teaching us direct and indirect speech, Yu xuan volunteered.
” I went home to ask my mother if masturbating with a girl can get pregnant” Like whuthehell?! LOL. Okay so, teacher actually wrote that down on the board.
Then, he was darn random, he went “I go home file my english worksheet, but i cannot find my worksheet, so i ran to coldstorage to find a girl called Wendy(my eng tcher), and i found out she only sell meat.” So no link lah! LOL.

But i had a great time laughing anyways.

Tomorrow’s the big day, changing colour of braces.
Red is hot. Red red red! People, get jealousssssssssssssssss 😀

Next week is the worst week, i say.
-4 WS on art due.
-Alternative assessment due.
-Literature and History test on monday (2 bloody memorising subject has test together on the same day, god bless me)
-Journal writing counted in CA.
-Maths common test next Thursday (SHUCKS!)

I’m like feeling so stress before next week even start! And, block nose ain’t getting any better, sighs.

Here i end, byebye