Hi humans.

I am currently hang over by the thoughts of changing my braces colour to red on 1st Aug! 😀 Whut? It’s no collaboration with national day okay -.-

Today’s pratically another school day.
Butbut… There’s home econs today! As usual, loved home econs pratical. Cooking and baking are of so much fun! Dad/mom says maybe their getting a small oven. Overall, i loved my cookie colour today, perfectly brown without and burnt on it. However, too much ginger powder was added, too much ginger taste ): Also, i had a lil’ burnt on my finger, ouch!

Shall post up a picture on my cookies someday.

Missed dance today, awww ): Instead, went to hospital for some skin prick test. Cause, allergy’s back. They really kinda pricked my hand, for 6 times, and it hurts! So yah, result was i’m really allergic to dust mites. And and, i wonder why do i have allergy without knowing myself? So crappy.

Most importantly, no subway’s cookie today again T.T

I know my posts are getting real short this days. But what can i do? School life is almost the same everyday. Nothing interesting, as boring hours passes. I hate it when i can’t keep myself awake.

‘Dad’ says we’re getting cakes on the 1st November, you’d better remember!

I’m currently doing my art, and i’m too lazy to redo the history comics. Sighs. There’s history and literature test next week. I have no more idea what to draw for my last box, my first 2 box is still lookable, but my third one looks like shiate. Maybe shall grab a picture of it tomorrow, i’m crazy.

Snow globe ❤

And i hope what i wish do come true this time.
Byebye, Cheryl.