Hi humans. Snow globe snow globe snow globe!

😦 .. Really, don’t read my post today. I just need to rant, to vent everything out.

I am so freaking stress now. Honestly, i am just having some mental problem. I can’t seems to find any reason to be that stress. When i open my science file, i just cannot get to concentrate. I’ll trail somewhere else. That happen for hours already.

And i haven’t even finish my science, despite tomorrow’s bio test. So, if i haven’t read my sci, i also haven’t read any history stuff yet.

My mind just cannot seem to concentrate.
I just seem to dread school tomorrow, i’m not in a bloody mood to sit for test. I am scared.. I wish i am sick, i don’t wanna drag my feet to school. It’s worst then horrendous.

Screw today alot.
Though i may seems to be happy, laughing alot and all with Beaunice, Minjun and Claris today. Actually, today is just a freaking screwed up day for me. Alot of things happened subconciously. Alot of which only my soul knows.

And yes, I was really very very irritated already during the end of school. You know, just by calling ‘Cheryl… CHERYL.. CHERYLLLLLLLLLLL’ really really worsen my mood. It’s like, I justt wanna bloody finish that sentence. Can’t you just wait even i don’t reply you? I am not deaf or what! Like do you even know what i am feeling like before you giving me the gorged out eyes of yours for me banging the table, huh Beverly? Yes, fine sorry.

After that.. I felt better.

But but.. it got worse then worsen later. Ah, nothing much i guess. Just overreacting ._. Sorry Beaunice, we’ll have cookies some other day okay. Yes, my treat.

If i ate some double chocolate chip, i guess i would feel so much better ):

LOL. But i didn’t . It explains my first part of the post?

Life sucks alot at times, we all know that. As i said again, i just needed somewhere to rant.
There I go, byebye!