Hi humans.

There’s so many things i wanna do when i grow up.
Like, going to paris’ Eiffel tower, London’s london bridge, to Japan during autumn for cherry blossom, and to Korea or America for winter. Ultimately coool :D!

But now.. I WANT A SNOW GLOBE! (As my previous post.)

Cause, it’s totally, breath-takingly, stunningly BEAUTIFUL!
I shall wish i get one soon 😀

So, here comes and goes the weekends.
It’s sunday already, it seems like afew hours ago that it’s just Friday night. Woah, time pass so fast! Next week, AGAIN, it’s full of test. I am so dead cause i haven’t been revising. Whut.. What’s wrong with me huh ?! 3 Chapter of history, i haven’t read anything. ):

Oh yah, last friday was Athenium day, congrats to all chairs’ 😀
It was very fun during PE cause we played softball. You know, the sense of satisfaction when you caught the ball. YES, That’s it!

Awwwwh, i miss eating subway’s heavenly soft double chocolate cookies already ): And, i’ve noticed i’ve not chew on mentos for a long time. Boooo.. my mentos mint!

Ohohohooh, i love drinking honey alot!
Yes Chloe, i love drinking you, is that any problem ? Nah no way, no matter how sadistic i am, i DON’T drink humans! But anyway, it’s nice to eat it as well. I miss the super cute and 100% real honey we bought from Korea last year. Or is it this? STM to the maximum O:

Some people say the way i sulk is damn obvious. So it means that when i’m in bad mood, it’s darn obvious o.o Aikes, I was just having mood swing last Friday night, so i sulked through uncle’s shop. There’s a grand opening for uncle’s newy this 2nd Aug! Heh, excited to see Ah Jo.

And i am bored now..

And therefore here i end, byebye.