Hi yo.

I lol-ed at the picture. Reminisced the day.
It was really really funny how i blog-hopped till i found the picture, the content in it seems so familiar O: But whatever, shucks i just don’t give a damn now!

What to blog? Hmm.. Fine, random topics!

Oh yah, thanks Claris for doing the powerpoint. I haven’t finish my science article, despite 3 days past. Hehe.

Home Econs Theory was rather funny today.
Shao Xuan confessed he drank his brother’s and his own urine when he was 7, omg ?! YUCK. Mrs/mdm/miss Haymini was freaked out and disgusted and appetite-lost, LOL (: And the boys went ‘QUACK’.

Afterall, our class are full of jokers.

Science & LCE. I bet Beaunice regretted for not coming school day, cause it’s her favourite topic. Sex Education. Tsk much to Beaunice, haha!

Ahhh.. Todayy Subway’s cookie was heavenly soft. Subway’s open! Hougang mall’s Subby is open!! I’m gonna be broke with more double chocolate chips O:

Honestly, i didn’t know why i sign in blogger not knowing what to post. wtfriend/frog/funny/fish! Haha, whutthehell.