Hi peopleee.

I’m doing a quick post as it’s almost 12am. Yawn.

Stupid, I am blogging because my solar eclipse boyfriend let me down. Ahhh, dumb rain, come at wrong time! It’s so wasted that I didn’t get to see it please. What? Imma gonna survive 500 more years to see another full eclipse? Much Disappointed.

Dance started today.
Yes, my legs were like gonna break after dance. Inflexible, tsktsk. And so, i’ve done my maths homework and my home econs (: Tomorrow, gotta complete science article review and the lame science project.

Ohoh, if Wendy Ang will just release us 2 minutes earlier then our dismissal time, i tell you, it’d be a big humongous miracle.

Anyways, does 22 happens to be a lucky number?
Happy Anni. to Beaunice & Teetos,
& Last extremely long , 气死!
(And tsk to the hacker in my last post, you old grandfather!)

Ending here, byebye.