Hi, uhm i am so so bored.

Tomorrow’s my dearest cousin, Joey, birthday.
How could i ever forget when her birthdate’s on the 21 when mine is on the 22, mine’s in the month of April and her’s in July? Thank God that you’re my cousin, the time we spend gossiping, telling each other secrets. Those stay overs, shopping trips and all! I’m so lucky to have you 😀

I really enjoy talking to people who knows how to make me laugh. Yes, i do laugh at littlest things, but what i really find funny, what will make my whole day, very very little people can do that. Same goes to knowing my soul.

Dance is gonna start, yes, finally!
However, there are cons, which are, i hope that there’ll be lesser homeworks on wednesdays and fridays. What if i’m too tired and just go to sleep? I’ll be so screwed, oh my.

Lessons today, i must say, is rather relaxing. If only everyday are like this.
Anyways, i am really strong, i dragged Lina back to class during History 😀 Did I mention Mdm Ho will only be back on the 27th? So we’re gonna have relief teacher during history periods. And a history test on 22nd. Screwed screwed screwed. One whole hour of sleep was really refreshing!

Test and test and test and test and test coming right up. Stupid hetic school life. Get down with it Cheryl, that’s the reality, that’s life. Face it.


Bro went to National day rehearsal afew fays back. Kind of pity him xD
Anyways, i got his heart light stick. It’s pretty cool, it has white or red light! Remembering, my year, they only gave us this pathetic nokia phone light ._. (And random, Lee Dong Wook’s cute lor!)

Oh by the way, how to you pronounce camwhore?
Cam-HOR, or Cam-Wh-ore?
Beaunice pronounce it the first, while me the second O:

‘m in another dimention.

And i end,

Nothing more..
Bye .