Hi humans.

“If you know it’ll hurt more then a cut or a scratch, bigger then a wound can ever get, would you still want a rewind?”

I honestly wanna cry while doing maths. I’ve no idea how hard maths can get at times. Ahh.. Felt the satisfaction when i’ve finally got it right. Stupid and unfruitful weekend. I’ve done nothing right. All I did was my maths homework, no revision, didn’t touch art nor home econs.

Beaunice said we should play bumper stars when we’re bored. I cannot imagine how retardedly as described until i really tried it myself just now. Lol-ed at the fat mermaid. Didn’t see Claris for 4 days + 2 days for weekends already, first time didn’t see her for so long during school day O: And, I hope Lina is in one-piece now.

Last long to ahjie (:

Me love milk chocolate since young, and mom got 2 packets for me yesterday. Lovelovelovelovelove, Indulgence šŸ˜€

so long,