Hi people.

I had a really great morning, really i meant. While walking to school, the sky was really dark, so i was thinking, is there an eclipse? Pure stupid, i know. And then, once i stepped into the classroom, it was really a heavy waterfall(rain) outside. THANK GOD, if i was just 5 minutes late, i would have been trapped in the rain!

I double the love home econs(just for today)! The making of Shepard’s pie was really an enjoyable process. I use to think that onions make people cry are crap, but alas, my eyes filled with tears, LOL. So, the pie turned out to be really nice, therefore it was my recess @ 10. Canteen was really packed, so we went back after having a drink. Ah, refreshing (:
Speaking of home econs, ms/mdm/mrs Haymini didn’t check our research today. Whutthefrog, i was worried of being scolded still, since i did only 5 keywords and was too tired to do my last one. I slept at 1 okay!

I don’t know, honestly, how we’re gonna pass our history test. It’s like, Shirley Ho issn’t here for 2 weeks already! And then, this suckish teacher came to relief. Zz, if he thinks that all the answers can be found in the textbook, what for we need teachers? We can just read the textbook and search info from the internet. So my point is, i don’t like him!

English, as usual, sucked.

Like finally a Pastamania 😀 (but I didn’t spent much :D)
Beaunice was crazied when she heard jazz oldies song. It somehow made her think if bongbong sings it. You crazy girl, HAHA. Ooops, Pinhan saw our unglammed moment O:

And, what a relief home econs research is almost done. Now art. Shucks like honestly whuuuut, tests are all coming T.T

Posting about life in school was so the last time Cheryl, but i’ve no idea what to post already. Let blog rot and die? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀