Hihi ,

Life is just like a busy road, and traffic light is just like a restriction. When you cross the boarders, you suffer the consequences.

School life has always been the same, nothing nice nor special.

I am now doing my home econs’ mindmap. I think i like my mindmap design, lol! Currently stuck with posting questions for the mindmap. Mom’s great, she brought home with her Vanilla Frappe, totally faved šŸ˜€

And and, i’m addicted to.. Gummy bears! lovelove.

I don’t like the trainee teacher that was posted to our class. First, he is weird; he STARES (O.O)! Then, he made us bring our maths textbook tomorrow. Freaking heavy! He’s gonna teach us from tomorrow to don’t know when. ohmygoodnessme, i wish he leaves fast.

Cheryl don’t think much. That’s much better//
What’s the best? Don’t feel šŸ˜€
Tired so, though.

Endless rhythem whirling in my mind .

Then if you’ve watched Michael Jackson’s memorial, just 3 words: learn to treasure. Simple lines and words, yet they meant so much, Paris: “Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine and I just wanted to say I love him, so much.”

I’m gonna finish my home econs now, bye.