Oh hi, Cheryl is back!

School holidays are soooooooooo gonna end soon. Oh yes, i am sad. Cause i really hate my alarm clock waking me as early as 5.30am to wake up. I really hate standing in parade square/hall like gonna fall asleep. I really hate lessons which makes me sleepy. YAWNS!

Next, holiday homework.
Yay, i am a happy girl now. T’cher Rita is comng over to continue tuition on Sunday, which means she can teach me homework! But regarding Literature, hm.. I don’t think i wanna do leh, i mean Mdm Ng says she’s gonna give us a hardcopy, which she didn’t. And taaadaaa, i don’t know the questions! So how?

So yah, i had my braces on today.
It wasn’t pain lah, just very ticklish that’s all. Then i brought Valerie to arcade, but i doubt she knows how to play at all, cause she totally wasted my 5 bucks by anyhow clicking ._.

Today lunch and dinner was horrible!
I had to cut my filet-o-fish burger till very tiny to eat. It wasn’t so pain yet, till dinner. Yah, i pratically swallowed my food, therefore didn’t eat alot. Right now, i am hungrrrryyyy! I wish i can have it off now! ):

I think my laptop can do miracles man!

You saw the picture? Yeah, it shows that i’m NOT connected to the internet yet i am still blogging. wooohoooo, propro!

Oh baah, i am hungry T.T I’m gonna see Beaunice tomorrow, woohoo! But, for Chinese project, yupyup. I wanna meetup with Gin soon, i miss you alot, girl!

So here i end, bye!