Hi again peeps,

Yes indeed i got the bbq pictures alrdy. You guys can take them, and if you’re kind enough, you’ll credit. Haha, kidding. Anws, enjoy’em! (Some pictures are from Minjun)

Indeed you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it’s the same thing!

back view of class tee.

Front view!

Minjun love my shades that much,

Gerlissa too!

Thanks minjun for taking me so slanted like i’m falling into the sea-.-

Model-to-be Gerlissa

Uhuh, everyone loves my cap, awwwh!

Yes, the lovely SAGA clique.

Amanda, Cheryl and Adele with my faithful Adidas bag!

Uh, boys playing chess in the middle of thr road ?

Lina not happy with Claris, while Claris is smiling away o.o!

I finding food 😀

My lovely clique-y<3

Us eating.

Me and Amanda at the back hiding from the camera!

Everyone is hyper!

The guy < is Mr (Nelson) tan.

Lastly, Me and Beaunice ! Big love (:

That’s all, byebye!