Hi humans 😀

My teeth hurts alot today. Think cus ytd the dentist installed the blueblue thingy between my teeth to widen the space. But when i chew, it really hurts alot ):

So did nothing much today, slacked at home and stuff. Gonna start homeworky soon. And, i wanna get out of the house!

Poor Pepper, sick again. Skin sensitive like last time. ):

Okay, so camera’s feeling better now! Therefore, picture’s out.
Due to the privacy of my family, no pictures of them will be up. Enjoy O:

At the airport~

Yes, my slipper 😀 Kidding, it’s made NATURALLY from rock

Queen head, as it is called. it does not looks like one to me though.

Railwayy station there. very cool (:

Some AMei culture tribe dance. Boring max.

Enjoying my cake & coffee by the mountain. Oiishi ~

Farglory oceanpark, themepark thingy.

The viking is uber high, unlike Escape theme park’s, plus i am sitting alone. Spot me!

Dolphin performance, very cool!

It’s a real sea lion.

Some temple there.

Me, a pig and a tomato on its head. Cute.

It’s snowing there! Kidding, it’s actually just salt mountain!

Me & Dawn jiejie(tourmate) smashing rice cake to make muah chee, or however its spelt.

The resort we stayed. it’s up in the forest!

Chickens running along the place we stayed, this one is even with chicks!

The peacock . Beautiful.

Tiniest island on earth! It only has 2 trees, lol.

Piggy pig pig.

I own this boat yo!

Welcome to my home (:

Tallest building in the world, so far.


The green thingy i am holding is my stage cap ❤
And yes, i’m at the fisherman’s wharf. It’s one of the filming site for chinese version of Meteor Garden.

Spot the real!

here’s another one, haha!

Tired Pepper O:!

Naughty as ever.

Jojo is love <3!

Kay, shall end here. Bye!