Hi peoples,

Or Pepper was laughing at her ? haha O:!

Ahaa, today was randomly boring and rather interesting day. Mygosh, what the hell am I blabbering ? I DON’T KNOW, LOL .

Okay fine.

So i was woked up early in the morning at 9+ , despite being fatigue, was being pulled to Bishan to have breakfast . No, we don’t do that every weekends, it’s just that dad wanted to have a ride on circle line. It’s kinda lame cus’ i don’t find any difference from normal MRT.

Sales and sales everywhere, being a typical singaporean, i absolutely love it, LOL. Kidding, but really had a great time shopping and bought afew stuffs. wahahaha, i love sales.

Then there was this moment when i was in shop random jewel shop, i had a call. I thought it was one of my aunty as she had been bugging me about my cousin’s cheerleading performance. But no.

Person: -blabbering something i could not hear properly-
Me: -randomly answer- orh, okay, uhuh.
Person: So, you today free?
Me: -hears in shock- WHO ARE YOU, LOL ?!
Person: Au…
Me: -could not hear clearly but figured the voice was Audrey’s-

LOL. I don’t know why i found it funny, but yah. Sorry ahjie, it was noisy just now! And, meetup soon, you (:

So, has been finding someone (shall not name who) rather annoying ever since i-don’t-know-when. Okay, we had a lil’ discussion during sports day. But anws, don’t over dramatize lah!

uhuh, bam bam bida bam bam dee bam bam~

So continuation of today.

Met up with dearest Gin, ooooh finally! Though ahjie asked me first, but so sorry, i did not know if you wanna go out since it was already quite late O:! Was kinda lazy at first, but seeing her so pitifully at home.. heehaa.

Gin has seriously overloadinig friends, cus’ she’ll somehow meet till her friend(s) at Serangoon’s Mcdonald. So she gave a lame random idea to go to Plaza Singapura.

It’s been like two month plus since i saw her, sooo glad 😀 We just have tooo many things to catch up on, tooo many things to tell each other. And in the end, we chatted and luffed throughout like no one’s business. Haha.

Missed and love her alot, and i meant ALOT. Beaunice too 😀

I think that Woodleigh MRT station is creepy to the max. It sends chill down my spine okay. Thaanks to you lah, GinTHZ. HEEH .

So plans for monday are that Claris asked me out with her little “brother”, and i asked another friend to join along. Not sure if I or friend can make it, but yah, we’re watching ‘The night at the museum 2’ ! So, i think all four of us should be present! Heh, pray hard so.

Finally long awaited class tee is in progress already! I’m soooo excited, for class tee and class bbq 😀 It’s funny how i am excited towards class thingy this year huh!

Tuesday; Granny’s birthday dinner, excited, gonna see Jojo!
Wednesday; Gonna board up the planey, but before that, SOMEONE needs to send me off huh, kakaka. And one more thing, i am totally going Taiwan at the wrong time, cus’ when i go Taiwan, Xiao zhu is coming Singapore): Sadded to the maximum. Can someone help me to record the show ?! PLEASE!

And 7 days. Gonna miss so.
So, byebyebyebyebyebyebye.
Have a good holiday you people, hehehe!