So hi humans,
some random title from ‘the saltwater room’ 😀

Soooo, let’s rewind time to yesterday!

Ahhhh, i am seriously running out of outfits, i wore the same thing i wore during my birthday /: I find it soooo boring, but can’t help it. Cus’ we’re going Esplanade.

Yepyeap, we went to Esplanade to watch this Indonesian dance. Their movement are real sharp and their hands must have hurt alot cus’, they were appearantly banging the ‘house’. Though, i seriously do not enjoy the show as i don’t even understand anything from the beginning to the end, but the dance is coooool!

Let pictures do the talking then.

subway, eat fresh!

Cheryl love Beaunice :DDDDD

Kay so, next few pictures was taken at clark quay .

Okay, i think this picture was randomed, hahaha.

This is darn cool!

Heh, i love this picture alot.

Yup, then reached back school ’bout 10 and we went to have dinner. Initial plan was that we’re gonna eat Cartel, but Cartel was closing so we went to Pasta Mania. Was already tired and half dead.

I miss dance alot okay.

You bet, i totally had to pull myself out of bed I was friggin’ tired. Had the thoughts of skipping school, but then, went . Slept alot in class to clear my fatigue 😀

Guess what have i been doing the whole afternoon ?!
yah, i went compass with Germaine and Amanda, they are really fun people to be with, hahaha 😀 Then for the rest of the afternoon, i have been meddling with photoshop, heh it’s fun!

Oh yah, few confirmed cases of H1N1 flu,

Yup, that’s my boring day today, yuck.

Tomorrow’s last day of school, hiphiphorraaaaay! 😀
Actually, i don’t really look forward to holidays at all. Homeworks and such. I’m going Taiwan on the 3rd to 10th June. Should i be happy or not? IDK.

But anws, tomorrow is sports carnival. Good luck to participants 😀
And Lina & crocro rocks (as requested-.-)

Okay, I promised 5 minutes to finish everything, so i am going back habbo to accompany Lina, byebyebyebye everyone 😀