Oh yeah, hihihi humans.

So today, stupid double hotness and humidness weather, frogfrogfrogfrog.
(Reminded of Beaunie’s kuakuakua song learned in nursery O:)


Okay, i seriously seriously seriously hate farms. Can’t farms have air freshener ?! Especially with this type of weather, it’s equal to ‘kill-me-off’ kinda thing. Teach me how to appreciate farms~

First stop; goat farm.
I swear the smell, before you can even get into the farm, the super strong unbearable smell. Yuckyuck . Though, the goats are rather cute. And the floor, ohmygod, live and dead millipedes!

Second& third stop: Firefly health farm and some mushroom farm.
I THOUGHT FIREFLY FARM WAS TO BREED FIREFLY ONE LOR!!!!-.- Ohkay whatever, but firefly farm is froggin’ big & hot. Mushroom one was much much better.

Bus back to school was fabulous!
Was tired and soon dozed off, dreamt in like 10 minutes, and woke up first in annoyance then delight :DDDDD Oh yeah!

And what did we learn in 3 farms?

Seeing people run is cooool!
Stayed back with Beaunice for her croatia stuff, she was to make sure runners track is clear from traffic. I cleared the first uncle, he was friggin’ funny!!!

(Direct translated)
Me: Uh, can please walk one side cus’ got people running?
Uncle: Wah, they run big deal ah?! Need me move.
Me: Hah, sorry.
Uncle: They got medal one anot? no medal no big deal lah.
Me: Yah have.
Uncle: HAVE MEDAL THEN RUN IN … Uh call what uh.. OH, STADIUM LAH!
Me: hahahah -thinking retardedly-
Uncle: No money one hor the prize? Aiyah don’t run lah!

LOL. We were walking back to the main gate during this conversation. I thought he was angry at first and was like abit scared. Omg. Okay, i don’t find it really funny now.

Oh yah, we standed in the sun for like, eerrrm, afew hours?! Idk, but it was freaking hot. What’s add on is super dramas going on, like in bimbo-high-pitch-voice. Beaunie is a bimslutic xD We put Ao Ting in disgust, HAHA. Sweets really got me going, green apple and tic tac, wheeepeee!

runs runs runs~

Beaunice was retarded, she cheered, like run run run~
-cheryl wonders who would be motivated by her O:-

Awh, we had such a one-the-full afternoon together, didn’t we ? 😀

Byebye ♥