Oh hi, hey, yo, hello ..

I hate the weather nowadays as its frigging hot, i swear. Global warming or Summer time? Should be global warming i think, since Singapore is experiencing summer the whole year round.. How i wish there’s winter~ woooohoooo~

so whatthefrog, i can even wake up sweating with the fan on!

Oh yah, did i mention whatthefrog is to replace wtfk ?! Ooops, you didn’t see the word, say you didn’t, you really didn’t! Muahahahahah! But for whatever-sake, i don’t like frog okay, not even abit, they’re freaky especially the stomach bloating in and out and big eyes that wouldn’t move.

And i don’t like eating frog leg or any parts of frog not even a bit!
Mum said i’m such a noob, cus’ i don’t enjoy good food(refering to frog leg). She told me i ate it when i was younger (?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!) Okay, whatever it is, it sends creep down my spine.

I am off to pack my room now, if not i would not be able to go out, and Beaunice will kill me if can’t. Dad’s unfair, he use my room to threaten me, hmphf.

Shall update later, maybe, maybe not.
So yah, byebyebyebyebyebyebyebyebye.