Oh hi he ho, 2nd post yo.

Actually it’s nothing much, i managed to stuff everything away from my dad’s view and then rushed out. Half of my life gone thanks to Ceunice Ceuk!

Okay, pure retardedness.

Cheryl and Beaunice were kind off shock to see Titus in his dad’s clothes! No lah not his dad clothes, just that we didn’t see him dress like that before. So it was damn hilarious. Saw Mr Tan, our science tcher, and Beaunice thought it was Titus but i told her he was wearing Bustin Bong boxer’s strip shirt'(class joke)! Haha 😀

Watched uninvited, it’s pretty thrilling, and kinda scary at the same time. Yes, my jacket never left me throught the show, and i pratically screamed my lungs out at the stupid hand part, ek. Andd i realised i watched the back part of the show alrdy, with dad.

And then this guy, think some upper sec person, was damn irritating! He keep staring at me cus’ like, he was thinking that if someone wants to watch horror movie, why would the person be so scared, urhhggg. And plus, he kept went like “Boo” repeatedly throught, to me or his friend? How i know -.-

We saw pretty much holy innocent’s people too o.o

Oh yah, thanks Beaunice for that awesome too small slipper(but still wearable) and the necklace as my oh-so-late birthday present, but i friggin’ love both kay! ❤

And yah, she made me wear on the fake lashes at the bodyshop simply cus she dno how to wear them and want use me as her model, hmpf triple at you, Beaunice!

Then had Cartel, AGAIN(!?), you saw the word again, cus we ate Cartel triple times recently! ohthefrog, Cartel must be real addictive 😀 So freaking funny, i felt weird without specs on. Had no time to camwhore(due to beaunice stupidness, whoops!) and then went home.

Argh stupid person, made me laughed till i almost spit my water out like a merlion, uh lol ?!
So i really enjoyed today, have more retarded outing next time oooohkay 😀 hehehehooo. I bet beaunice love today more then i do though, hahaha!

kay so, till next time.