after a super long MIA (:

I . AM . BACK!

Cause, yeah!




-jumps around-


Okay, being lame.

I was most angry and disappointed in Maths P1&P2. Maths P1 was as, the bloody polygon question, wtfrog! And maths p2, which was today… I didn’t bring my protractor -.- Screw it, 6 marks gone. Not say that i didn’t bring or what, i brought my whole mathematical set. ARGHHHHHHH. I just hope i won’t screw maths. I am praying real real real real real hard. Not that i would cry over 6 marks, but the whole paper was hard! And both papers was harder then those revisions teacher gave us, i swear!

No use crying over spilt milk, sighs.

Literature was crappy, Geog was okay. Guess it’s just like that.

Yeah, dad said before that, one day i would fail my subjects. Curse or what, i don’t know. But i really hope it won’t happen as for this year. I can’t afford to flunk any of my subjects! AHHHHHH. Dad’s like damn biased cus he didn’t scold didi lah. Whatever.

So Beaunice came over just now, we didn’t do anything much. Playing with the dog, watching Mr Bean. Just like that. Relaxation (:

Ohohohohoh, tomorrow, we don’t have school, hiphip hooray!

So i’m glad exams is over, next big thing would be results. Then scoldings. Then holiday.
But first, room needs packing. And holiday would be pretty exciting. Taiwan trip and all despite H1N1 flu, and and, class BBQ.

Not looking forwards to results, nope not at all ): Especially maths. Sigh, what’s the use saying this now /: all thanks to protractor. screw that semi circle.

Blog uunlockked, byebyebyebyebye.